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Friday, September 24, 2004

Going On

Life seems to exist in the way we are become aware of it. Its like what we register and respond.
The same thing goes on and on . Stranger it may seem, there seems to exist Two Selves that are
in constant struggle. The idealist one and so called practical one. The arguments , emotions
expressions are seem to happen in my mind . And finally decend in to actions.

There are a constant flux of thoughts. Innummerable in number that they are , they sort of gusses out at enormous power. Controlling the thoughts seems to be the answer.

To Control the thoughts is to control mind. To control mind , it first has to be regulated in a particular way . To this resaon, Discipline is need.

So, i am in a sort of love with this self discipline. One definition of Discipline is the ability of an imdiviual to do the most appropiate thing possible at any given instant. To that way self Discipline is not self-denial as understood normally.

... to be continued...


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