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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Silent Core within you

Silent Core within you

Though there is filthy dirthy skin and rotten flesh skin,

And the never ending hunger for more,

Though there is something that hurts

And I don’t understand it anymore,

Know that the core can never be filty nor can it be rotten,

For it's pure and pristine,

Beautiful and Divine,

It is that which gives you strength and sustainence

All said and done, I still cannot leave you,

For you are mine and i am yours,

And forget not the truth,

That I am the Silent Core within you,

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can you please tell me why

Today when I woke up to the chirping of sparrows,
there is light my eyes,
And a smile in my face,
Can you please tell me why.

Today I hear the songs unheard,
And the music lingers on,
But still I donot hear people near by,
Can you please tell me why.

Today the hot soup did not burn my lips,
And the sweet tasted like never before,
Little food made my stomach full.
Can you please tell me why.

Today the noise of the world did not reach me,
And as I am listening to the silent song,
My heart is weeping with joy,
Can you please tell me why.

Today as I am waiting for the The Time,
When the night begins and the day fades ,
And Today as I am longing to meet you for the first time,
My soul has become crazy, that's why.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Year Greetings

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2006.

It has been a long time since, i have updated the blog. Btw, i have created this greeting.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Speak out of your Heart

Like the light that gives warmth..
there is warmth in your speech if you wish
Busy is, thats what, the world is all about
Its busy about nothing ... to get something
Few moments here, few moments there ..
is what we have, to share in the life bygone
Few moments of joyful talk, is all thats ever needed
to understand each other, and to keep life going
Rob not your self in the fallacious myth
that you are the maker or the breaker of this world
Long after we are gone, the world will sustain on its own
But while we are there, we just need to connect.
From what we received, to what we shall give.
So Speak, like never before.
Unconstrained by reasons, of oppurtunity
Simple, free, and joyous,
Speak out of your heart and let the joy spread.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Know that we are the one.

Know that of all the water that surrounds us, there is enough land for us to survive.
Know that of all the heat that summer produces, there is enough breeze to cool us.
Know that of all the darkness that surrounds us, there is enough light to sustain us.
Know that of all the failures that we faced, there is enough success that cheers us.

Know that of all the evil, there is still enough good that helps us.
Know that of the troubles people give us, there are still a good few who help us.
Know that of all the Hatred that surrounds us, there is enough Love that binds us together.
Know that of the Wars that are fought, there is still enough peace that brings us together.
Know that of the death that scares us, there is still enough Life that enlivens us.

Know that of all things, we are the chosen Ones to replenish, rejuvenate, and sustain the universe in its infinite journey.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How to Kill the Lion --

These were some of the ways i thought about, after reading the jokes on How to kill a Lion. Some of these are specific to the company i work, but i intend to keep them unedited. enjoy...

Jubliee Hills way:
Take the Lion to jubliee hills road no:12 and leave it. The Indian Forest deparment, in trying to capture it, will kill it anyway.

Watery way:
When the Lion is thirty give it a bucket full of water. while it is drinking, add two drops of coke. It will die of the Pesticides dissolved in the water.

Shame it way:
When the Lion is taking bath in Durgam Cheruvu, put some hidden web cam. Publish the photos,
in newspapers and show the clipings in Television. Call it for press conference.
It tries to explain that it takes bath only in rivers and not in lakes and ponds.
When none belives it, it will die of shame.

simulation way:
Open simulation. Drag and drop Source and Sink model objects.
Add few gaseous components, Put 10 atm pressure , 150 degree Celsius.
Now attach Source to the mouth of the lion and its tail to sink.
run the simulation. Unable to bear the Pressure and Temperature the Lion dies.

Photographic way:
Tell the Lion that you want to take its Photograph for a Newspaper.
Make it stand beside Orion building and ask it look up in the Hot Sun at 12 noon.
It keeps looking up for the photograph shot and dies of thirst, dehydration and exhaustion.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Every day Morning ...

This is about why every morning that helps to get on a freash new life

Good Morning

It was a moment of truth.
That there existed a Sun, Moon, and earth, and shall hence forth exist.
The Earth shall revolve around the Sun and so shall the Moon revolve around the Earth.

And it was written, that everyone shall plunge in an abyss of Sleep, after a day's work.
They, shall get rejovenated and get refreshed.
Bringing all activies in to near standstill.
The night shall continue, undisturbed, like the journey of ship,
which goes across the ocean at night.

From darkness, the light shall come.
From sleep, the awakening.
From Night, the day.

Let there be joy, freashness and vigour in the new day.let the Morning be good.So that every Morn shall be Good Morning.

So shall it be written, So shall it be done.

Seeking a New life

This was how i felt a long time back... Nevertheless i find it worthy enough to put it here..

A New Life
Surronded by problems ,
Feeling alone and lonely,
I was sunk in whirlpool of thoughts, that are unending and ruthless.
They took life away from me.

They blame the last straw in the bundle
that broke the donkey's back.
No one can tell which straw is really responsible for it,

Emotions surface themselves, when the surrounding are congineal to them,
but who can say that the surroundings are responsible for them ?

And so ,that day i felt like crying, i felt like dying..
but when the limits of pain are reached, the truth with joy greets us
Then, i knew that i cannot die..
because i felt that i am death less.

I felt that i always existed .. and will exist.
In those few moments i have lost being afraid of the future.
And then i forgot my past, every thing.

All that we ever want is here.
All that we can ever do is now.

Second by second i began to live,
Guided by Self and with Goal in mind,
How can i ever thank you , thy Lord of my Heart.

So ,Every day i get up afresh ,
to begin a whole new day.