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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Every day Morning ...

This is about why every morning that helps to get on a freash new life

Good Morning

It was a moment of truth.
That there existed a Sun, Moon, and earth, and shall hence forth exist.
The Earth shall revolve around the Sun and so shall the Moon revolve around the Earth.

And it was written, that everyone shall plunge in an abyss of Sleep, after a day's work.
They, shall get rejovenated and get refreshed.
Bringing all activies in to near standstill.
The night shall continue, undisturbed, like the journey of ship,
which goes across the ocean at night.

From darkness, the light shall come.
From sleep, the awakening.
From Night, the day.

Let there be joy, freashness and vigour in the new day.let the Morning be good.So that every Morn shall be Good Morning.

So shall it be written, So shall it be done.


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