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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Seeking a New life

This was how i felt a long time back... Nevertheless i find it worthy enough to put it here..

A New Life
Surronded by problems ,
Feeling alone and lonely,
I was sunk in whirlpool of thoughts, that are unending and ruthless.
They took life away from me.

They blame the last straw in the bundle
that broke the donkey's back.
No one can tell which straw is really responsible for it,

Emotions surface themselves, when the surrounding are congineal to them,
but who can say that the surroundings are responsible for them ?

And so ,that day i felt like crying, i felt like dying..
but when the limits of pain are reached, the truth with joy greets us
Then, i knew that i cannot die..
because i felt that i am death less.

I felt that i always existed .. and will exist.
In those few moments i have lost being afraid of the future.
And then i forgot my past, every thing.

All that we ever want is here.
All that we can ever do is now.

Second by second i began to live,
Guided by Self and with Goal in mind,
How can i ever thank you , thy Lord of my Heart.

So ,Every day i get up afresh ,
to begin a whole new day.


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