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Thursday, February 10, 2005

How to Kill the Lion --

These were some of the ways i thought about, after reading the jokes on How to kill a Lion. Some of these are specific to the company i work, but i intend to keep them unedited. enjoy...

Jubliee Hills way:
Take the Lion to jubliee hills road no:12 and leave it. The Indian Forest deparment, in trying to capture it, will kill it anyway.

Watery way:
When the Lion is thirty give it a bucket full of water. while it is drinking, add two drops of coke. It will die of the Pesticides dissolved in the water.

Shame it way:
When the Lion is taking bath in Durgam Cheruvu, put some hidden web cam. Publish the photos,
in newspapers and show the clipings in Television. Call it for press conference.
It tries to explain that it takes bath only in rivers and not in lakes and ponds.
When none belives it, it will die of shame.

simulation way:
Open simulation. Drag and drop Source and Sink model objects.
Add few gaseous components, Put 10 atm pressure , 150 degree Celsius.
Now attach Source to the mouth of the lion and its tail to sink.
run the simulation. Unable to bear the Pressure and Temperature the Lion dies.

Photographic way:
Tell the Lion that you want to take its Photograph for a Newspaper.
Make it stand beside Orion building and ask it look up in the Hot Sun at 12 noon.
It keeps looking up for the photograph shot and dies of thirst, dehydration and exhaustion.


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The hidden Lion webcams might be located at

December 1, 2005 at 6:55 AM  
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